About Mzumbe e-learning system

Mzumbe E-learning system is a course management system (CMS) customized to suit Mzumbe environment. The system is deployed for the purpose of facilitating academic delivery as well as communications within the university. It is a web-based application made from Moodle platform. It is accessible all over the world through the Internet by the authorized users (staff and students).

The system is full of useful features for the purpose. They include facilities to upload and share learning materials, to facilitate communication between members, and to facilitate student assessment. In order to maintain and control quality standards of our graduates, the system is embedded with plagiarism control features.

Mzumbe E-learning system potentials

There are number of ways and approaches e-learning systems can be deployed to the training Institutions. Mzumbe system deployment does not replace the traditional face to face system. The system compliments the available system by providing an online version of the same so as to expand its availability as well as making it flexible to the involved stakeholders. By the system students and staff will be able to carry out class activities away from the physical class and from anywhere around the globe.

The following are some obvious potential brought by the system:-
- Improved academic delivery
- Improved communications and engagement between respective members
- Flexibility and Course availability even when one is away from the university
- Improved ICT literacy to the involved parties
- Reduced costs of printing lecture materials
- etc