Accessing the system

Mzumbe e-learning system(s) are accessible to authorized users throughout the globe. User accounts are given to our staff, students and other stakeholders that in some way are involved in the university activities such as training, research and consultancy.

he Directorate of Information and Communication Technologies (DICT) creates, manage and administers users of the system. Obtain your account by visiting their offices available at each University campuses. You can also obtain the account by contacting responsible individuals through the email address provided under the support page of either the DICT website or this site. Enrolling to a subject.

There is a significant difference between having access to the system and getting into respective subjects. When a user is given logon account to the system, he / she will be able to get access to the system and be able to browse courses and other features except for secured subjects. Most of the subjects are secured to limit access to the intended members only. Lecturers of the respective subjects set and maintain the security code for their subjects. Lecturers have overall control of who should get access to their subjects through the security key.

The following are three ways you can get access to the subjects contents that you can use:-