System management and administration

Each of the university campus has its own version of e-learning system. Administration and management of such systems is the responsibility of the Directorate of Information and Communication Technology (DICT). Technical experts from all campuses combine their efforts to ensure the systems operate to the optimum standard.

Different university units and individuals have role to play in the full utilization of the system as described below:-

Directorate of Information and Communication Technology
- Host and manage and administer the systems
- Infrastructure
- Customize and deploy system features
- To create and manage user accounts
- To train and support system users
- To create and manage subjects as well as assign lecturers to subjects
- etc

Faculties, Schools, Directorates and other Units
- To sharing teaching workloads to DICT
- To sharing with the DICT the list of students and staff
- To ensuring that staff are utilizing the system
- etc

Lecturers and other staff
- To enroll / un-enroll students to the respective subjects
- To upload and manage subject contents
- To Facilitate communication and participation in subject activities
- To backup subject contents
- To assist and support students in their activities
- To communicate with DICT in all issues that requires support and technical expertise
- etc

- To actively participate in subject activities
- To communicate with subject lecturer in all issues that requires his attention and authorization
- To secure and manage their user accounts
- etc